Main House at Grandview
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Cottage 2 at Grandview   The Piers at Grandview
Pool at Grandview   The boathouse at Grandview
Grandview at Pleasure Point

The Boat House is a covered building, open to the water, and allows for easy access to Grandview’s row boats. Also, we have built a pier in the boat house that is just above the water level, allowing our vacationers to board the boats easily and safely. Additionally, we have a built a pier extension off of one side of the boat house for additional access to the boats. Oars, vests, and flotation devices are stored in bins within the boat house.

*** Please also see our Rules & Regulations ***

The Grounds:
There are 5 ¼ acres of land including a large expanse of field, perfect for croquette, badminton, putting/chipping practice, base ball, or many other outdoor activities. 

Our Neighbors:
Your closest neighbors are those located across the creek. The property that is adjacent to ours is 1000’ acres of what was DuPont property.  Please remember sound carries across the water and you are responsible by law for your wake and other people's waterfront  if you disturb it.

Welcome to Grandview at Pleasure Point
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Welcome to Grandview at Pleasure Point
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